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Houston criminal defense attorney Mario Madrid is one of the less than 10% of criminal law attorneys in Texas who hold a Board Certification® in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

Former Judge and Prosecutor

Mario Madrid has served the State of Texas as an Assistant District Attorney and as a Judge for the City of Houston. He has the unique experience of knowing the criminal justice from both sides of the aisle and the bench.

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Attorney Mario Madrid (Board Certified®) is a Houston, TX based criminal defense lawyer who takes pride in winning cases on behalf of Houstonians who walk into his downtown law office seeking his assistance and/or Madrid Law PLLC., legal representation.


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A criminal charge can carry a heavy impact on your family, occupation and future. The choice on who you choose to defend you in this most serious time in your life has serious implications.Our team is dedicated to fighting for your rights and protecting your freedom.

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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney.

Mario Madrid, a former District Attorney and former judge for the City of Houston, wields over 20 years of courtroom litigation experience when it comes to defending everyday people who find themselves in the precarious situation of being accused by Texas law enforcement of a criminal act. Courtesy of his hard earned experience during his time as one of the District Attorneys for the State of Texas, he knows how Texas prosecutors build their cases against the criminally accused, and how to effectively respond by designing an effective defense strategy that will challenge the prosecutor’s evidence and protect your rights.

You Must Avoid A Criminal Conviction

A criminal conviction can have serious long-term consequences that last long after the penalties imposed by the sentencing judge.

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

The following represents a few of these consequences:

  • You may experience difficulty obtaining employment.
  • You may not qualify for certain licenses that may be required for some professions.
  • You may experience restrictions on travel outside of the county, state or country.
  • You may not be able to qualify for educational assistance grants and loan programs.

The penalties are serious if you’re convicted of committing a criminal offense in the state of Texas. Prior convictions can add to the penalties imposed by a judge at sentencing or may spur the prosecution to seek an enhancement. If attorneys who represent the State of Texas are granted an enhancement by the court, the implications, penalties, and the severity of such, soar.

A Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer You Can Count On

Board Certified® Houston criminal defense lawyers Mario Madrid knows the importance of an aggressive and well-planned defense strategy to reveal weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. This can result in the winning of a Not Guilty verdict, a reduction of the charges, or a more lenient sentence for the accused if convicted at trial.

Our law office is located in downtown Houston a few blocks away from the Harris County Criminal Court House at 440 Louisiana St in Suite 1225. Call us at 713-877-9400 to talk with attorney Mario Madrid, or to schedule an appointment so we can review your case.

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