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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Mario Madrid’s Case Results

Below are some of the most recent case results from Houston criminal defense attorney Mario Madrid and Emma Quintero. At the Madrid Criminal Law Firm we fight for our clients to get them the justice they deserve.

Capital Murder- Case Dismissed after extensive investigation revealed client’s actual innocence.

Murder- State offered 35 years before trial. Jury found client Not Guilty!

Felony Theft-  Not Guilty by Jury!

Sexual Assault- Jury Trial resulted in a hung jury in which 11 jurors voted for not guilty. As a result the prosecution dismissed the case!

Manufacture and Delivery of Controlled Substance First Degree and Tampering With Evidence- Dismissed after setting case for trial.

Felony DWI- Cases Dismissed after convincing DA that probable cause did not exist to pull over client.

DWI- Dismissed! State offered DIVERT in a breath test case. Case dismissed charge after being convinced it could not extrapolate breath results.

Sexual Assault of a Child- Stepdaughter accused stepfather of sexual assault over a period of years. Jury found client Not Guilty.

Aggravated Assault- Dismissed.

Manufacture and Delivery of Controlled Substance First Degree- Dismissed!

Aggravated Robbery – Case Dismissed after being set for trial.

Assault Family Violence- After jury fails to reach a verdict, Judge declares a mistrial. State then dismisses case.

DWI- Breath Test over the legal limit. Case set for Jury Trial. State dismissed on day of trial.

DWI – Defendant charged with his fourth DWI (Felony). After going to court the case was reduced to a first time offender.

DWI – The defendant was involved in a multiple vehicle accident. Dismissed.

DWI – 2nd offense – Jury trial not guilty.

Assault Family Member – Case dismissed after proper investigation of the case.

Assault Family Member – The defendant was on parole, found not guilty via jury trial.

Aggravated Sexual Assault – Jury trial defendant found not guilty.

Sexual Assault – independent review of DNA leads to dismissal.

Possession of Cocaine – dismissed at trial- legal research displayed illegal search by the police officer.

Injury to Child – Case no billed after preparing the defendant to testify before the grand jury.

Theft/Shoplifting – dismissed after discussing flaws with the case with the prosecutor.

Probation Violation – Motion to revoke dismissed after talking to the judge and the prosecutor.

Indecency with a Child – At trial the defendant was found not guilty.

Felony Carrying a Weapon – Case dismissed after the State closed their case.Houston criminal defense attorney Mario Madrid

Murder – Case dismissed.

Possession of Marijuana – Case dismissed after arguing to the prosecutor that the defendant did not have knowledge that the marijuana was in his car.

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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Mario Madrid’s Case Results