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Attorney Madrid on Felony & Misdemeanor Drug Cases

Criminal Defense | Drugs | Search and Seizure | Video Q & A

Whether you’ve been charged with the possession of a small amount of marijuana or arrested for a major cocaine distribution conspiracy, it helps to have an experienced Houston drug crimes lawyer with a résumé including 1000’s of drug cases on your side.

Do you trust the government?

I didn’t think so.

This is why it’s very important that we have criminal defense attorneys otherwise everyone would be guilty at arrest, as charged. Police make mistakes all the time, and only a lawyer with 10’s of thousands of hours of experience dissecting arrest reports in contrast with witness testimony and evidence under the scope of a keen understanding of the law, could spot a seemingly minor detail that could lead to freeing a suspect accused of trafficking 1000’s of kilos of cocaine.

Minor details that could lead to a dismissed case could rise out of one of the situations listed below.

  • The lawyer knowing of alternative sentences that can keep you out of prison.
  • Did the police have the right to make that traffic stop?
  • Did the police lawfully search the vehicle or your person?
  • Were your Constitutional Rights violated?
  • Did law enforcement have probable cause to invade a residence?
  • Did the police make mistakes, or an unlawful arrest?

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A Few Words on Sex Crimes

Criminal Defense | Sex Crimes | Sexual Assault | Video Q & A

It’s important to fight sex crime allegations hand, tooth, and nail, or be labelled a sex offender for the rest of your life if you’re convicted of such a crime in the Texas criminal justice system.

In Houston, keep in mind that Harris County has a high concentration of sex offenders, there’s an utter disregard for the presumption of innocence when a person is accused of such a crime which is why its more important than ever to have suitable legal counsel in your corner.

Even accepting probation for a sex crime can have adverse affects on the defendant for a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a Houston criminal defense attorney to help you fight a sex crime charge, contact me. We may be able to beat the charge, get the judge to throw out the case, or get the prosecutor to dismiss the case depending on the evidence. Was the arrest lawful?

Mario Madrid on Juvenile Crime

Criminal Defense | Drugs | DWI | Video Q & A

In this video presentation, Houston lawyer for criminal defense Mario Madrid, an attorney Board Certified to practice criminal law, sheds light on his passion for fighting on behalf of his clients and winning cases, in the court of law.

One of the more interesting facets of Mario Madrid’s oration is his pride in winning cases and relieving stress related to facing the State of Texas on criminal cases from the shoulders of his clients. Especially his younger clients, many of which would rightfully be concerned with the removal of criminal and arrest records from their background.

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Houston DWI Lawyer Mario Madrid on Drunk Driving Charges

DWI | Video Q & A

In this video, Houston criminal defense attorney Mario Madrid takes time to discuss the common circumstances related to criminal DWI charges. He also discusses his experience getting DWI cases dismissed in court, and some of the effects of DWI arrests on the accused, and society.

If you find yourself under the pressure of an upcoming court date related to a Houston DWI criminal charge, call defense lawyer Mario Madrid at 713-877-9400 to schedule an immediate meeting at his downtown Houston office to review your case.