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Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Reviews

“Madrid Law was very professional and very helpful with my case. I would definitely recommend Madrid Law to any family or friends who need legal help. Thank you once again for everything!”
-David, DUI Client

“I faced a serious legal problem with the potential of jail time as a result of an issue that occurred over 2 years ago. After getting the run-around from several attorneys, I found Mario Madrid and he immediately came to my rescue. He got the charges reduced and I did not have to serve any time. He was understanding, compassionate, effective and affordable. I would highly recommend him and would use him again if faced with any legal problems. He is the best among the bests. For him it is not about the money. I told him about my case and my problems, can’t believe he was so ready to help me and he did to. Most importantly he is a good human being not like other greedy attorneys that don’t help you as much and just take your money. With a great deal of talent he is popular in the courthouse too which made me feel like i picked the right person to represent me. I also felt like i could get a hold of him any day or time it didn’t matter he would respond to me as quickly as he could. Never hard to get a hold of which was a plus in my book. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Houston criminal defense lawyer MARIO MADRID!!!!”
-Crystal, Criminal Defense Client

“Mr Madrid saved me from facing 40 years for marijuana and for a criminal case and a bail jump he fought for my innocence and thanks to him i am now back with my family he paroled me out in less than 2 months, my kids and wife are really thankful with Mr Madrid i would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great lawyer for a great price.”
-Rick, Criminal Defense Client

“Back in January I was facing 2 serious charges. I was facing 10 years in TDCJ pretty scary stuff. Mr. Madrid and his staff made me feel secure and understood what I was going through. I do not know how my case would have turned out without Madrid Law. He got one of my cases dismissed and the other I received deferred adjudication. I am so thankful that Houston criminal defense lawyer Mr. Madrid took my case and he did it for a very reasonable price. I recommend him for anyone who wants a lawyer that will fight for you and do what is right.”
-Tony, Fraud Client

“I was charged with a misdemeanor case that I was truly innocent on and immediately sought legal advice. After a little internet research I knew Houston criminal defense lawyer Mr. Madrid was the one to call. I thought the price for a misdemeanor case was a little high but you have to remember in life you get what you pay for and I definitely did, and it was definitely worth it. After only two short appearances in court my case was dismissed! Thank you to everyone at Madrid Law for your professionalism and help through that stressful time!”
-Travis, Criminal Defense Client

“Mario was honest with me from the beginning consultation all the way to end when my case was dismissed. He let me know from the start what the possible outcomes were. Mario was professional and always responsive to my questions, no matter how minor.”
-A.B., Criminal Defense Client

“I would refer Houston criminal defense lawyer Mario Madrid to any family member, or friend. He is well respected in the courtroom and always showed professionalism among his peers, courtroom staff and more importantly, me the client. He handled my DWI and got it dismissed. Very happy with my result”
-Robert, DUI client

“Mario Madrid handled my case and was always professional and informative of the whole legal process. He got my case dismissed and put me at ease throughout this very stressful situation. I would highly recommend Mr. Madrid for any criminal case.”
-Brad, DUI Client

“Mr. Madrid is a great lawyer! I was charged with DWI after going out with friends for a happy hour. I didn’t think I had drank too much, so I took the breath test, but failed. I had been told by other lawyers to take DIVERT, but Mr. Madrid was convinced that although my breath test was over the limit, the state could not make the case. He convinced the DA to dismiss my case! I could tell he was very well respected in the courtroom by the Judge, staff and other attorneys. I would recommend him to anyone charged with a crime.”
-Sam, DUI Client

“He is the best Houston criminal defense lawyer I have come across and I have came across plenty of them who acts as if they know what they are doing and when it gets down to crunch time they get scared. Not Mario, he does exactly what he says. I was facing at least 5years in the state jail and he got me 6 years probation on his 1st court appearance with me. After I had been going to court for a whole year with another lawyer that didn’t do anything but try to force me to take some time. Mario will not force you to do anything you don’t want to do and he will fight for you and be Honest with you. I could never asked for a better lawyer and his prices are very reasonable for what he gets done for you. Oh and the judge even liked him. He seems to be very well respected in the court room. The judge even seem to be nicer to me since i had fired my old lawyer and got him!:)”Houston criminal defense lawyer Mario Madrid
-Shelly, Criminal Defense Client

“Houston criminal defense lawyer Mr. Madrid was a blessing for me. My criminal record was so bad for things that I have done in the past. All the other lawyers I had talked to had told me because of my record that I was for sure going to see jail time. Mr. Madrid got me off with some probation and I’m so happy for meeting him. I for sure thought that I would be sitting in jail for a few years and that did not happen. Thank You Mr. Madrid, you are the best.”
-Brett, Criminal Defense Client

“Mario Madrid is an outstanding board certified Houston criminal defense lawyer. I have know Mario for many years and he has helped my family member in a very difficult case. Not only did my relative received no jail time, but his case was dismissed, thanks to Mario’s amazing efforts. If you ever need an honest, knowledgeable and well connected attorney, you need Mario in your corner. He will make sure you get the best representation you can ask for. Mario is well known and well respected in and out of the courtroom!”
-Todd, Criminal Defense Client

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Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Reviews