Consequences of Second DWI in Texas

The Texas Legislature has implemented strict laws for individuals charged with Driving While Intoxicated. Of course any crime comes with the possibility of jail time, but DWI laws have many other consequences. Among them are a possible license suspension, surcharges, a myriad of fees and an ignition breath device placed on your automobile.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of being charged with more than one DWI the consequences increase. An example of the difference in DWI charges from other crimes are the probation conditions. If someone has for example a second theft case or second possession of marijuana case and receives community supervision (what we commonly call probation) there will be no mandatory jail time attached to the probation. However  if a judge grants community supervision to a defendant convicted of a DWI 2nd the judge shall require as a condition of community supervision that the defendant submit to not less than 72 hours of continuous confinement in county jail. That is three full days in the county jail. The sheriff cannot grant two for one credit. In addition to the jail time spent,  the individual will face up to two years probation with all of the other onerous conditions. If the defendant has a second DWI within five years of the first DWI,  the judge granting community supervision to a defendant, shall require as a condition of community supervision that the defendant submit to not less than five days of confinement in county jail along with all of the other conditions.

Obviously the best way to avoid all of this is refrain from being put in the situation. However, if you find yourself in the this unfortunate predicament it is imperative to find an attorney with an extensive knowledge of DWI laws in Texas and is trained and experienced in defending Driving While Intoxicated cases.

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