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Madrid Law is a law firm that prides itself in its ability to provide valuable legal assistance in an affordable manner to individuals who are accused of serious crimes. When a person finds himself accused of committing a criminal offense, he can easily become intimidated by the complexity of proving his innocence and establishing a defense to the charges against him.

Many individuals who are charged with a crime feel that they must choose between paying exorbitant legal fees or their freedom. However, Madrid Law can provide legal assistance at an affordable rate for a person who is charged with a crime, making this trade-off something that does not have to be considered.

Complimentary Case Review

Mario Madrid is a veteran criminal defense attorney who also has experience as a municipal judge and as an assistant district attorney. With his legal experience, he can objectively evaluate a case to determine its relative strengths and weaknesses. He will begin the process of defending a client by meeting with him during a free case evaluation.

During this confidential meeting, a defendant can ask questions about specific issues that are related to his case. Mario Madrid will provide honest answers to these questions. He can inform a prospective client about the legal options that are available to him or her, as well as provide an assessment of the steps that are to come regarding the litigation.

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Lawyers with Payment Plans

Some Texas law offices, such as Madrid Law, offer payment plans to help individuals with financing legal fees. The amount of fees is different for each case and is based on the types of services that the lawyer must provide for the defendant.

During a client’s initial consultation, Mario Madrid will provide an estimate on the approximate fees that will be incurred for the case. He can also present clients with available options to help them with financing these legal fees. Houston criminal defense lawyer Mario Madrid

An initial deposit is generally required, and then a client can be placed on an affordable payment plan to pay for the cost of any remaining fees.

Mario Madrid works with each client and provides options that are best suited to each person’s unique financial position. Payment plans allow clients to pay for their legal services while also keeping the bill at an affordable level. Madrid Law is committed to providing everyone with quality legal representation, regardless of their ability to pay fees upfront.

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Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Mario Madrid