Harris County Criminal Courts

There are 37 Criminal Court in the Harris County Criminal Justice Center located at 1201 Franklin, Houston, Texas 77002. There are 15 Criminal Courts at Law and 22 Criminal District Courts.

Harris County Criminal Courts at Law have exclusive original jurisdiction of misdemeanors where the fine allowed exceeds $500 or confinement in the county jail does not exceed one year. These are Class A and Class B Misdemeanors. A common example is DWI or Family Violence Assault

Decisions from the municipal and justice of the peace courts may be appealed to county criminal courts at law. The appeal takes the form of a completely new trial (trial de novo). Appeals from municipal courts of record are an exception, where the county court reviews only the written record from the trial. Original and appellate judgments of the county court may be appealed to the Court of Appeals, with certain limitations.

This is a list of the Harris County Criminal Courts at Law:

Court Directory

Judge Paula Goodhart, Court 1

Judge Bill Harmon, Court 2

Judge Natalie Fleming, Court 3

Judge John Clinton, Court 4

Judge Margaret Harris, Court 5

Judge Larry Standley, Court 6

Judge Pam Derbyshire, Court 7

Judge Jay Karahan, Court 8

Judge Analia Wilkerson, Court 9

Judge Sherman Ross, Court 10

Judge Diane Bull, Court 11

Judge Robin Brown, Court 12

Judge Don Smyth, Court 13

Judge Mike Fields, Court 14

Judge Jean Hughes, Court 15

Harris County Criminal District Courts have District courts and criminal district courts shall have original jurisdiction in criminal cases of the grade of felony and of all misdemeanors involving official misconduct.

The following is a list of Harris County Criminal District Courts:

174 Judge Ruben Guerrero 209 Judge Michael McSpadden
176 Judge Shawna Reagin 228 Judge Marc Carter
177 Judge Kevin Beown 230 Judge Belinda Hill
178 Judge David Mendoza 232 Judge Mary Lou Keel
179 Judge Randy Roll 248 Judge Joan Campbell
180 Judge Marc Brown 262 Judge Denise Bradley
182 Judge Jeannine Barr 263 Judge Jim Wallace
183 Judge Vanessa Velasquez 337 Judge Herb Ritchie
184 Judge Jan Krocker 338 Judge Hazel Jones
185 Judge Susan Brown 339 Judge Maria Jackson
208 Judge Denise Collins