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Attorney Mario Madrid (Board Certified®) is a Houston, TX based criminal defense lawyer who takes pride in winning cases on behalf of Houstonians who walk into his downtown law office seeking his assistance and/or Madrid Law PLLC., legal representation.
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Defending Greater Houston
Although headquartered in downtown Houston, we represent defendants whose cases may fall in jurisdictions outside of Harris County such as Galveston County, Waller County, Brazoria County, Montgomery County, Liberty County, Chambers County, San Jacinto, and Fort Bend County.

Madrid Law PLLC

Led By Houston Criminal Lawyer Mario Madrid

Mario Madrid, a former District Attorney and former judge for the City of Houston, wields nearly 20 years of courtroom litigation experience when it comes to defending everyday people who find themselves in the precarious situation of being accused by Texas law enforcement of a criminal act.

Courtesy of his hard earned experience during his time as one of the District Attorneys for the State of Texas, he knows how Texas prosecutors build their cases against the criminally accused, and how to effectively respond by designing an effective defense strategy that will challenge the prosecutor’s evidence and protect your rights.

As a born and raised Texan I know that law enforcement, and Texas criminal law in general, can be (is) harsh on the accused especially if they’re found guilty in the court of law in connection with their alleged offenses.

As a criminal defense lawyer who takes pride in defending the criminally accused, I know that putting my 19+ years of criminal defense and criminal law experience to work for you means more than just going to court.

I know it means making sure you’ve been thoroughly explained your options, your Constitutional rights, the potential outcomes of any defense strategies we bring to bear (negative or positive), and that you have a “real” lawyer behind you who wants to get the best possible ruling from the court of law on your behalf.

Its what I do. – Mario Madrid

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You Need a Lawyer That’s Committed to Excellence

Madrid Law PLLC’s commitment to excellence means that you can count on our law firm to provide the best possible defense in all types of criminal cases, including, but not limited to murder charges, capital murder cases, DWI offenses (Drunk Driving), drug offenses, strangulation allegations, federal grand jury indictments, and more.

See the areas of criminal law that we are most active as the counsel of record by clicking here.

If you’re under investigation by law enforcement, or charged with a crime, which criminal justice lawyer you choose is one of the most important decisions you will make.

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Texas Board Certified® in “Criminal Law”

Houston criminal defense attorney Mario Madrid is one of the less than 10% of criminal law attorneys in Texas who hold a Board Certification® in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. To hold a certification from the TBLS in any practice of law is distinguishing mark of excellence and this holds especially true when you’re thrust into a situation that requires you to find a lawyer in Houston that you can have be assure is of skill & excellence.

Common Question
What does having a Board Certified® criminal defense lawyer in my corner really mean?

Answer: Having a criminal defense lawyer that holds a board certification in criminal law for the TBLS means more than having an attorney that merely has a law license authorizing them to practice criminal law in the state of Texas.board-certified

It means more than having another simple accolade to dress up a reception area, to stick on the door, or to affix to a website. It means that a state appointed agency has rigorously tested, intrinsically vetted, and proven the competence of a lawyer in a particular field of law.

To expand, it also should be taken to mean that your lawyer, if legitimately board certified and can prove it, has demonstrated and been tested as a practitioner of superior skill in their area of legal practice. Only Board Certified® attorneys can legally refer to themselves as experts, specialists, or any other glorified titles that may come to mind.

In short, It means your legal representation is an expert.

Mario Madrid is a certified expert criminal law attorney.

Knowing Your Lawyer is an Expert

Board Certification® is not a one-time event. It requires an ongoing involvement in the specialty area which is periodically substantiated with references from peers in that field. It also requires annual professional refreshment through TBLS approved, continuing legal education course work to stay abreast of current trends in law. – TBLS

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A TOP Rated Criminal Defense Attorney

Rated 10 (Superb) AVVO® (Learn More)

Click to learn more link above for a more thorough understanding as to why Houston criminal defense attorney Mario Madrid is rated so high on AVVO®.award-avvo-10

Not only does it take a number of favorable ratings from other criminal defense attorneys in Houston (and elsewhere) to achieve a high AVVO® rating, it also takes a wealth of positive feedback from users that I have either represented in the court of law, or those to which we have provided legal counsel.

No BBB® Complaints.

As a BBB® Accredited Business since December of 2009, we’ve done a good job of representing our clients. We’ve received no complaints to the Better Business Bureau about the service we provide.BBB Accredited Criminal Defense Lawyer in Houston

Our law firm is proud of the fact that this has been true for 5 years and running, and we actively work to provide the best possible legal services and criminal defense expertise for the people of Greater Houston.

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One Of The Best Houston DWI Lawyers

If you were stopped for “suspicion” of Driving While Intoxicated and accused of such, and you’re in need of a Houston area lawyer for DWI related charges, Mario Madrid is the attorney to talk to. Whether you’re facing a court date for a 1st time DWI offense, a felony DWI, or you’ve been charged with Intoxicated Manslaughter, we’re more than equipped to floor a formidable defense for you in court.NCDUI_defense

As members and students of the National College of DUI Defense® (Proof of Membership), we remain on the cutting edge of DWI and DUI defense (when looking at DWI defense as a specialty area of law practice).

We know and continue to learn of DWI defenses that work, and the best way to implement said stratagem on behalf of our clients. If you need to talk with a lawyer in Houston about your DWI case, don’t hesitate to call our downtown law office at 713-877-9400.

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You Must Avoid A Criminal Conviction

A criminal conviction can have serious long-term consequences that last long after the penalties imposed by the sentencing judge.

The following represents a few of these consequences.

  • You may experience difficulty obtaining employment.
  • You may not qualify for certain licenses that may be required for some professions.
  • You may experience restrictions on travel outside of the county, state or country.
  • You may not be able to qualify for educational assistance grants and loan programs.

The penalties are serious if you’re convicted of committing a criminal offense in the state of Texas. Prior convictions can add to the penalties imposed by a judge at sentencing or may spur the prosecution to seek an enhancement. If attorneys who represent the State of Texas are granted an enhancement by the court, the implications, penalties, and the severity of such, soar.

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Common Criminal Penalties If Convicted in Texas
Depending on the criminal offense you’ve been alleged to have committed, there are a number of  possible penalties you’ll be forced to endure if convicted. We’ve listed the most common criminal penalties imposed by Houston area criminal courts below.

  • Incarceration in jail or state prison.
  • Probation, not referred to as “Community Supervision” or intensive supervision.
  • Fines and Monetary Penalties.
  • Community service assignments.
  • House arrest and/or leg monitor or other monitoring equipment.
  • Suspension or revocation of a license to drive. (Learn More)
  • Mandatory participation in counseling or treatment programs.

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A Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer You Can Count On

Board Certified® Houston criminal defense lawyers Mario Madrid knows the importance of an aggressive and well-planned defense strategy to reveal weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. This can result in the winning of a Not Guilty verdict, a reduction of the charges, or a more lenient sentence for the accused if convicted at trial.

In some cases, we can even avoid trial and spur a concatenation that may result in your case being thrown out of court altogether.

Our law office is located in downtown Houston a few blocks away from the Harris County Criminal Court House at 440 Louisiana St in Suite# 1225. Call us at 713-877-9400 to talk with attorney Mario Madrid, or to schedule an appointment so we can go over your case.

We also offer free consultations for your convenience, and we pride ourselves in being affordable to people who find themselves looking for a DWI / criminal defense lawyer in Houston. Thank you for reading.

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