Houston Woman Charged With Injury to Child In Death of Child

A Houston woman has been charged with the First Degree Felony of Injury to a Child accused of causing serious bodily injury to her child which resulted in death, according to this story.

The child, a 19 month old baby girl, passed away after being taken off of life support on June 20th. When brought to the hospital, the child was diagnosed with multiple skull fractures and brain hemorrhaging and swelling.


The woman claimed that she may have ¬†blacked out and unintentionally injured her daughter. A physician and child abuse expert stated that the severity and pattern of the infant’s injuries which included skull fractures and intracranial hemorrhages were consistent with multiple enormous impacts to the back of the head.

The charge of Injury to a Child that results in serious bodily injury is a First Degree Felony which carries a possible punishment of not more than 99 years or life and not less than 5 years in prison.

It is not clear whether the Harris County District Attorney’s Office will upgrade the charge. If the State believes they can meet the elements of Capital Murder (in this case the murder of a person under 6 years old) they could possible upgrade the charge.

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