Man Convicted In Family Violence Burning

A Houston man has been convicted of  Aggravated Assault in a family violence case in which he was accused of burning his girlfriends breasts and genitals according to this story in the Houston Chronicle.

The story garnered a lot of local press based on the unusual facts of the case. The defense contended that the victim consented to sex games involving a lighter. The victim testified on behalf of the defendant.

The case is a good example of family violence prosecution. Often times the complaining witness in a family violence  case will recant or change their version of what occurred and request that the case be dismissed. However, the Harris County District Attorneys Office will not dismiss the case. The case will be reassigned to a prosecutor working in the Family Criminal Law Division who will pursue the case.

In this case, the complaining witness testified for the defense. The State cross examined her in an attempt to show that she was telling the truth at the time of the incident and was now lying due to fear or pressure from the defendant. Apparently the jury believed the State.

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