Mother Arrested Over Sandwich

A woman shopping at a local supermarket in Hawaii was arrested for theft for not paying for a sandwich she ate as she shopped. You can read the full story here. The story made national news after the woman, who is 30 months pregnant and her husband who was with her, were arrested and their 2 year old daughter was taken into state custody with Child Welfare Services.

According to the woman she intended to pay for the sandwich, she saved the wrapping, but forgot when she paid for her other groceries. However, the store held her and her family and called the police who arrested her for shoplifting.

This is actually a scenario more common than one would think. Often times we get busy and distracted by cell phones or children and forget something. I have represented people in the exact scenario and fortunately have been successful in getting these cases dismissed.

A theft conviction can be extremely detrimental to getting a job or even an apartment. If you or someone you know is in need of a Houston Theft Attorney call Texas Board Certified Attorney Mario Madrid at 713-877-9400.