Child Abuse

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When an individual faces child abuse charges, he often feels like the world is crashing down around him. Not only are parents subjected to charges of this nature; babysitters, childcare providers, family members, teachers or guardians can also be accused.

An individual who is charged with this crime very seldom finds a sympathetic judge or jury, so when a mistake has been made, it can be very difficult for the defendant to exonerate himself. For this reason, it is critical for an individual facing child abuse charges to contact an qualified criminal defense attorney who can aggressively fight for his rights.

Types of Child Abuse Charges

A person can be charged with child abuse for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common charges and definitions of child abuse are included below:

  • Continuous sexual abuse of a young child: This charge denotes that a defendant has sexually abused a child at least two times during the last 90 days.
  • Indecency with a childA defendant can be charged with this crime if he conducted a sexual act in the presence of a minor.
  • Child injury: A defendant can be charged if he caused serious bodily injury or mental deficiency to a child intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or negligently.
  • Child abandonment or child endangerment:  A defendant can be charged with this crime if  a child younger than 15 is put in a situation that involves unreasonable risk of harm.

Potential Penalties for Child Abuse Convictions

Because lawmakers are concerned with protecting the youngest and most innocent members of society, crimes against them are taken very seriously. Defendants convicted of child abuse can face substantial penalties, including prison time up to 99 years.

They can face felony convictions which can prevent them from seeking jobs in certain industries in the future. They may also face personal consequences, such as the loss of child custody or parental rights. They may also have to pay hefty fines and they may face social stigma.Houston criminal defense attorney Mario Madrid

Child Abuse Defense

Like every criminal charge, the prosecutor must successfully prove every element of the crime to a judge or jury beyond reasonable doubt. This is the highest standard in the law.

Additionally, some Texas professionals are required to make a report regarding any belief about child abuse, meaning that a person may have incorrectly evaluated a mark on the child’s body or a statement that the child made.

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