The State of Texas has taken a hard line against cocaine related crimes for decades. In some cases, simply possession of a small amount of crack or cocaine may result in charges for distribution. When agents believe that someone is linked to a larger distribution chain, the federal justice system could also get involved.

The possession of unlawful substances, such as cocaine, is a violation of both federal and state statutes and could result in charges being prosecuted within both systems.Cocaine Defense Lawyer

A cocaine conviction in Texas will most likely result in incarceration and can place your entire future at risk. Any “deals” that the state might offer, even if they seem appealing, will still be criminal convictions and remain with the offender forever.

If you are facing a criminal charge related to cocaine in the Houston area, you’ll need an experienced Houston criminal defense lawyer with a record of fighting cocaine possession allegations to protect your future.

There are a variety of techniques that a knowledgeable Houston criminal defense lawyer can utilize against cocaine or other drug charges

A Top Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer For Cocaine Cases

At Madrid Law, our staff can create a customized and effective defense strategy by looking at your unique situation and getting the whole story beyond the arrest.

Determining the answers to the following questions could be important in protecting your rights.

  • Did the police have probable cause for believing that you were in possession of cocaine?
  • Was a search warrant for your property properly obtained and carried out?
  • Could there be any reasonable doubt that the cocaine belonged to you?
  • Is the official incident report correct and probable?
  • What are your particular life experiences have you had with drugs?

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The Houston criminal defense drug lawyers at Madrid Law have extensive experience protecting the freedom of good, everyday people who face cocaine related charges. Mr. Madrid can tell your story to a judge or jury, in a persuasive way, in order to portray you in the most positive manner possible.Madrid Law - Houston criminal defense lawyer

Madrid Law has a long and successful track record for having charges reduced or even completely dropped. Often, Houston criminal defense lawyer Mr. Madrid can persuade most judges to order certain treatment programs rather than incarceration. Contact our criminal defense firm today at 713-877-9400 in order to begin planning your defense against cocaine charges in Houston.

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