Manufacture of Controlled Substances

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The Texas Controlled Substances Act makes it illegal to grow or manufacture certain stimulants without a pharmaceutical license. This act also makes it illegal to possess controlled substances or equipment that are needed to manufacture these illicit drugs. Drugs are broken down into penalty groups, and some examples of each one are below

  • Group 1: Cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin
  • Group 1A: LSD
  • Group 2: Hallucinogens such as Ecstasy and mescaline
  • Group 3: Ritalin and Xanax
  • Group 4: Substances that contain Motofen, dionine or buprenorphine

Marijuana is in a penalty group of its own.

Varying Punishments

The punishment for growing or manufacturing controlled substances depends on the class of drug and the amount being produced. Penalties can also increase based upon where the crime was committed, as manufacturing drugs near a school zone is treated more harshly. Defendants who are found guilty of manufacturing controlled substances can face sanctions that include:

  • Anywhere from 180 days to 99 years in prison
  • Fines ranging from $10,000 to $250,000
  • Probation

As a condition of probation, defendants may be required to submit to random drug and alcohol testing. Individuals could also be sentenced to mandatory drug and alcohol counseling while they are confined in a state penitentiary.

Those who are fortunate enough to serve only a few years in prison will find their life has drastically changed once they are released. They could have difficulty finding employment and may also notice that others are unwilling to accept them because they are convicted felons.

Building a Strong Legal Defense

In order to ensure the best possible outcome, drug manufacturing lawyers will make sure police officers did not overstep their bounds when collecting evidence. If they did, a motion to suppress the evidence will likely be filed. It’s also essential that criminal defense attorneys ensure that drugs were properly classified and that amounts were not exaggerated, since this could ultimately affect the amount of punishment a defendant receives. Attorneys should also make the state prove there was intent to manufacture an illegal substance, since it is quite possible for a person to become the victim of a setup.

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