Evading Arrest

Most of the best criminal defense attorneys in Harris County will tell you, evading arrest in the state of Texas only makes things worse.

Not only does the defendant have to face any pending charges, the potential penalties for resisting arrest are substantial. When a suspect is on the run or is finally arrested by law enforcement officials, the legal assistance of an experienced evading arrest attorney should be given the highest priority.

What Does It Mean to Evade Arrest?

A suspect can be charged with evading arrest if they purposely flee from an officer to avoid being searched or arrested. Resisting arrest is regarded as a serious crime and can severely aggravate pending criminal charges.Evading Arrest or Detention - Houston

Intentionally resisting the implementation of a legal warrant represents a failure to recognize the authority of a law enforcement official. Avoiding apprehension also discredits the legal warrant that was issued.

The following forms of evading arrest will result in criminal charges being filed:

  • Falsifying official documents to avoid a travel ban
  • Altering official documents to falsify one’s identity
  • Hiding or fleeing from authorities to avoid legal arrest

Charged With a Evading Arrest in Houston?

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Evading Arrest Penalties

The actual charges and penalties for evading arrest will vary in accordance with a defendant’s previous criminal record and the circumstances surrounding the evasion incident. The following is a partial summary of the potential charges that are available in the state of Texas:

  • Class A misdemeanor for a first offense without the use of a vehicle
  • State jail felony for a repeat offense or if a vehicle was used during a first offense
  • Third-degree felony for a repeat offense using a vehicle or someone was injured during the evasion incident
  • Second-degree felony if someone is killed during an evasion incident

The following penalties may result from an evading arrest conviction:

  • Jail or prison sentences
  • A fine of no more than $4,000 for a misdemeanor conviction
  • A fine of no more than $10,000 for a felony conviction

A Defense Lawyer With Experience Fighting Evading Arrest Charges

The consequences for evading arrest are extremely serious. Aside from the previously indicated penalties, an offender could also lose their driving privileges if a vehicle was used to evade arrest. A criminal defense lawyer with significant experience defending clients against evading arrest charges possesses the ability to evaluate the evidence and prepare an effective defense. Only a knowledgeable evading arrest attorney is qualified to represent a criminal suspect in court.Houston criminal defense lawyer Mario Madrid

Seek Help From an Evading Arrest Attorney in Houston, TX

As with all criminal charges, the prosecution must prove the charge of evading arrest beyond a reasonable doubt. Consulting with an experienced Houston-area evading arrest attorney as soon as possible will ensure that the charges are minimized and a suspect’s rights are protected.

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