False Allegations

Allegations of sexual assault can be devastating, especially when those accusations are false. Unfortunately, these allegations happen more often than society is willing to acknowledge. A few instances in which false allegations of sexual misconduct can occur include:

  • When one parent alleges misconduct against the other due to a custody dispute
  • Teenagers who are unhappy with a parent or step-parent and make up accusations in order to “get rid of” that individual
  • School officials who over-react to statements from children
  • Undue influence from a child psychologist or school counselor
  • Children or teens who make up scenarios in order to get attention

Possible Punishment

Anyone who is wrongly accused of a sex crime already knows that the stakes are very high. In addition to a prison term, individuals could be required to register indefinitely as a sex offender. They also face being ostracized by the public and a loss of employment and social status. The stigma associated with being a sex offender can ultimately last a lifetime. Therefore, it is very important for the wrongly accused to contact a false allegations lawyer.

Defenses Against False Allegations

Preparing a defense against false allegations can be difficult, even if there is no basis to the accusations at all. In the minds of the public, the innocent may already have been proven guilty simply by being arrested. Prosecutors are also under a great deal of pressure to convict sex offenders and may bend the rules in their favor in order to do so. They may attempt to manipulate witness statements, particularly if there is no physical evidence present.Houston criminal defense lawyer Mario Madrid

When the alleged victim is a child, the defendant faces an even tougher battle. That’s because the child may sometimes be allowed to testify via video camera or in the judge’s chambers. This could effectively take away the opportunity for cross-examination by defense attorneys.

In order to cast reasonable doubt on the charges, it might become necessary to look for gaps in the child’s story or note inconsistencies with other witness testimony. If you live in southeast Texas, call Houston false allegations attorney Mario Madrid to start planning your legal defense.

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