Family Law

Houston Family Law Attorney

Family law is often complicated by highly-charged emotions and bitter disputes. This is a broad area of the law with multiple distinct practice areas. Individuals who require the services of a family lawyer should select a compassionate professional with a deep understanding of the law as well as the personal priorities of his clients. A well-qualified Houston family law attorney can deliver aggressive and focused representation with a personal touch.

Characteristics of a Successful Family Law Practice in Houston

A successful family law practitioner must have both a deep base of legal knowledge and a compassionate manner with his clients. There are several duties that a family law representative must fulfill. These include:

  • Delivering sound, unbiased legal advice that increases the chances of a favorable outcome in each case.
  • Clearly explaining family law in general as well as the specific legal options open to each client.
  • Brokering amicable settlements that heal rather than open emotional wounds.
  • Fighting to secure rightfully-owned property and protecting the safety of children involved in each case.

It’s important to hire a Houston family law attorney who can balance all of these duties while delivering attentive and compassionate service.

Family Law Practice Areas

Many legal sub-fields fall under the general umbrella of family law. These may include:

  • Divorce: This process can be either “contested” or “uncontested.” Contested divorces can be especially contentious and require an experienced attorney who can aggressively fight on behalf of his client.
  • Child custody, support and visitation: The most contentious family law issues often involve children. Child custody hearings may feature testimony from psychiatrists, teachers and social workers. Since a custody ruling can have a lasting impact on a child’s well-being, it’s important to have an attorney willing to fight for his or her rights.
  • Parental rights and adoption: To protect a child’s safety or well-being, a court may move to sever parental rights or initiate adoption proceedings. Forceful changes of custody can be difficult for all parties involved.

Personalized Family Law Representation in Houston

Since graduating from South Texas College of Law in 1996, Mario Madrid had built a thriving Houston-area legal practice. He is certified as a criminal defense attorney by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and was chosen as one of Houston’s “Top Lawyers” in 2011. He also works in Houston’s municipal court system as an associate judge.

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