Credit Card Fraud

Credit card abuse involves much more than simply misusing a credit card. There are several crimes involved when you are facing such a charge. Some of the criminal offenses associated with credit card fraud include:

  • Application fraud, which is the use of documents and information belonging to another person with the intent to gain credit in someone else’s name
  • Calling the financial institution of another person and giving false information to obtain a duplicate credit card on a legitimate credit account not belonging to you
  • Use of a skimming device to steal the credit card information on someone’s card for your personal use
  • Any other use of a credit card not legally obtained with the intent of purchasing goods or benefiting from financial gains offered by the illegal credit card

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Credit card abuse generally falls under the heading of fraud charges. When you are charged with any kind of credit card fraud, you should contact a reputable defense attorney who can review all of the evidence gathered against you and work up a defense to protect your future. Credit card abuse is a kind of identity theft; therefore you should never take such a charge lightly. The first step when you are charged with credit card fraud should be securing your legal representation.

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In Texas, penalties for a credit card abuse conviction vary based on how many instances you are charged with. Some of these charges are felonies and all carry tough sentences.

The classification and number of charges against you can result in penalties of:

  • State jail felony, 5 items or less: 1 ½ to 2 years in state jail, fine of $10,000 or less
  • Third-degree felony, 5 to 10 items: 2 to 10 years in state prison, fine of $10,000 or less
  • Second-degree felony, 10 to 50 items: 2 to 20 years in state prison, fine of $10,000 or less
  • First-degree felony, more than 50 items: 5 to 99 years in state prison, fine of $10,000 or less

In addition to the sentence, a judge usually orders that restitution be paid to the victims of credit card abuse.Houston criminal defense lawyer Mario Madrid

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