Immigrant Worker Visas

Houston Immigrant Worker Visas Attorney

When an individual wants to remain in the United States permanently in order to obtain gainful employment, he must apply for an immigrant worker’s visa, also known as a green card. This allows him to legally remain in the United States for a specified period of time. It can also be a pathway to U.S. citizenship. A person can apply for a visa based on one of five different categories of employment:

  • Category 1: Priority workers who have extraordinary talents in mathematics, art, science or athletics; professors, researchers or multinational managers and executives
  • Category 2: Working professionals who hold advanced degrees
  • Category 3: Skilled and unskilled workers
  • Category 4: Immigrants who are employed in specialized occupations such as ministry, broadcasting and translation
  • Category 5: Foreign investors

Approving the Application

After a person fills out an application for a visa, this document will then be submitted to the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service. A department within this agency that is known as the National Visa Center will make a final determination as to whether the petition will be allowed.

This office has such responsibilities as making sure that all fees are paid and that applications for family members are submitted along with a green card petition. The National Visa Center will also contact an individual’s attorney with any updated information as it becomes available.

The Selection Process

Applications for visas are assigned a priority date, which is usually the date that the application was received by the Department of Labor. It is best to file an application sooner rather than later, as priority is given to the earliest petitioners. Agents with the Immigration and Naturalization Service will continue to review applications until the maximum number of green cards in each category has been issued.

This means that the waiting period for approval can be anywhere from a few months to several years, depending upon one’s occupation. A person who is interested in applying for a green card should get in touch with an immigrant worker visa lawyer. An attorney who is familiar with immigration laws can help a petitioner remember important deadlines and fees.

Application Fees and Associated Charges

Any person who is applying for a green card is responsible for expenses that can include:

  • The cost of filing the petition
  • Application processing fee
  • Medical examination
  • Required vaccinations
  • Costs of obtaining and photocopying necessary documents
  • Travel to the United States
  • Attorney fees

Since numerous fees and documents are required to be submitted, it can be easy for someone who is interested in obtaining an employment visa to be taken advantage of. The required materials must be submitted in the proper manner for an application to be considered.

An experienced immigration attorney will help ensure that his clients are not charged unnecessary fees when submitting an application for a green card. Attorney Mario Madrid can help with all phases of the immigration process, including an application for an employment visa.

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