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The juvenile crimes defense firm Madrid Law understands the heartbreaking impact a juvenile case can have on both parents and children. Parents may not know what to expect from the Texas Youth Commission and are usually most concerned about understanding the process and protecting their child’s future.Caring Houston Juvenile Defense Attorney MariomadridLaw.com

Children are often afraid and embarrassed and need a caring Houston juvenile defense attorney to help them navigate the court process. Defense lawyer Mario Madrid knows that juvenile cases require special attention.

He believes in getting to know the children and families involved in these cases and using this information to present such cases in the best possible light. Even if the child accused of a crime is guilty, there may be steps that a qualified Houston juvenile defense attorney¬†can take to improve the circumstances and protect your child’s rights.

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Consequences of a Juvenile Criminal Record

Even a relatively minor juvenile criminal case has serious consequences for the accused child’s future. Juvenile cases are not automatically sealed when the child turns 18 years old. Having a juvenile record can affect college admission, scholarships, employment opportunities and professional licensing. Even worse, children who are less than 18 years old and accused of a crime may be charged as adults and prosecuted in adult court, depending on the facts and circumstances of the case.

If your child is being investigated for or charged with a crime, do not allow your child to be interviewed or give any statements, and immediately contact Houston juvenile criminal defense lawyer Mario Madrid.

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Houston Juvenile Cases Require a Skilled Trial Attorney

Juvenile trials are heard by a judge, not a jury. The standard of proof in all juvenile criminal cases is beyond a reasonable doubt, which means that the Assistant District Attorney must prove to the judge that your child is guilty beyond all reasonable doubt at trial.Houston criminal defense lawyer Mario Madrid

Just as in other criminal cases, your child has constitutional rights, including the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, the right against self-incrimination and the right against illegal searches and seizures.

Houston criminal defense lawyer Mario Madrid will use his experience as a former Assistant DA to prepare the best possible defense in your child’s case.

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