Probation Violations

Being accused of violation of probation is a very serious matter. The sentence for such probation violations may range from probation to incarceration.

At Madrid Law, we understand that Houston probation violation cases deeply affect individuals and their families. Our Houston probation violation lawyer get to know the people behind the cases and use this information to defend your case and present your side to the judge in a way that benefits you most.Houston Probation Violation Lawyer

Motion to Revoke Probation in Houston

If there is an allegation that you have not followed the conditions of probation, you will be served with a motion to revoke probation. This motion will allege which terms of probation were supposedly violated and when the violation occurred. Whether you are accused of violating a general or specific condition of probation will greatly affect your case. An important factor to keep in mind is that probation officers are human. Like everyone else, probation officers make mistakes and they have motives and biases.

Houston probation lawyer Mario Madrid will use these factors to defend your violation of probation case. Criminal justice attorney Mario Madrid has experience prosecuting probation violation as a former Assistant DA and has experience defending probation cases in his work as a Houston criminal defense lawyer. He is able to see your case from both sides, knows the strategies of prosecutors and the best defenses and will use this experience and knowledge to your advantage.

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Criminal defense attorney Mario Madrid handles a variety of Houston probation violation cases, including:

  • Misdemeanor probation violations
  • Felony probation violations
  • Federal probation or federal parole violations
  • DWI violation of probation
  • Violation of probation for driving cases
  • Violation of probation in drug cases
  • Domestic violence probation violations
  • Probation violation in violent crimes
  • Other probation violations

Aggressive Houston Trial Lawyer

Mario Madrid is an experienced and aggressive Houston criminal justice trial lawyer. Many people make the mistake of hiring someone who is not a trial lawyer to handle probation violation cases.

During a probation violation hearing, the Assistant District Attorney will present witnesses and evidence, the Defense has an opportunity to present witnesses and evidence, objections are made by both sides, arguments are made by both sides, and the judge ultimately makes a decision about the guilt or innocence of the accused.Houston criminal defense lawyer Mario Madrid

Probation violation hearings can have just as much impact on a person’s life as a trial, which is why you should hire aggressive Houston trial lawyer Mario Madrid for your probation violation case.

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Mario Madrid