Property Crimes

Any criminal defense attorney in Houston will tell you that although property crimes are often considered less serious than violent crimes, the impact of being accused of a property crime can be just as great. The penalties for property crimes may include probation, incarceration and restitution, among other conditions. Houston Property Crime Defense Lawyer

The consequences for Houston property crimes varies, depending upon the parties involved, the value of goods or services allegedly stolen and the other facts and circumstances surrounding the case.

Alleged victims of property crimes often have police, expert witnesses and prosecutors working to help them, which is why you should hire an experienced and aggressive defense lawyer as soon as you are accused of a crime.

Mario Madrid Represents Clients Accused of Any Property Crimes, Including:

Effect of a Property Crime on Your Criminal Record

Having a criminal record for a property crime can be devastating, whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony. Being accused of a property crime or burglary can affect your existing employment and may prevent you from obtaining certain types of employment in the future.

Arrested For A Property Crime in Houston?

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The criminal defense attorneys at Madrid Law work hard to protect your rights and minimize the impact to your record. Even if you are guilty of a property crime, there are steps your attorney can take to protect your rights and help you obtain the best possible outcome, given the unique facts and circumstances of your case.

Property Crime Trial Lawyer

Houston property crimes attorney Mario Madrid is an experienced trial attorney who challenges evidence presented by the Assistant District Attorney. Madrid Law understands that witnesses have biases and motives, which is often why these witnesses make the claims that they do.Houston criminal defense lawyer Mario Madrid

Witnesses may be mistaken about their understanding of the facts of the case, and in the worst cases witnesses may lie to be vindictive, for financial gain or for other reasons that benefit them. Mario Madrid uses his knowledge and experience to challenge witness testimony and physical evidence presented by the prosecutor. Madrid Law believes in innocent until proven guilty and believes that everyone is entitled to a fair trial.

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