Student Visa

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A student visa can help a person attain lawful status in the United States while he or she is enrolled in an academic program. Applying for a visa can sometimes be a complicated process. A student visa attorney can assist applicants and increase their odds of approval of their application.

F-1 Visa Information

A student visa is referred to as F-1 visa status in most cases. This is a non-immigrant visa, and the applicant is expected to return home after completion of an accredited academic program.

Eligibility Guidelines

A person must meet certain eligibility criteria to be approved for a visa. He must have a residence in a foreign country that he does not plan to abandon. He must want to come to America in order to pursue an academic program that is accredited by the INS.

The person must also be able to support himself while he is in the country without working. He should have enough available money to not have to rely on public funds or accept unauthorized employment.

The applicant must also be proficient in English. If the person is not proficient in English, he must receive training to acquire the necessary skills. To find out if you meet the requirements, sit down with a F-1 visa attorney today.


Individuals who are approved for an F-1 visa are able to stay for the duration of the program, plus an additional 60 days. A person may extend the length of the stay by requesting work authorization to get experience in the field of study.

Application Process

You can acquire an F-1 visa by applying at a U.E. embassy or consulate. If the person is living abroad at the time of the application, he must submit:

  • Form OF-156 for non-immigrant visa
  • Valid passport
  • Form I-20
  • Evidence that he can support himself during the stay
  • Evidence of his intent to return to his home country

Other information may be required, depending on the applicant’s particular set of circumstances. For a full explanation of the application process, talk to a F-1 visa lawyer in your area.

F-2 Visa Information

The spouse and children of a person who has a F-1 visa can acquire F-2 status to join the student. The applicant can include this information on Form I-20A-B. If the spouse and dependent children join the student at a later date, they must submit their paperwork from the school where the student is attending.

F-2 visa holders are not able to legally work while in the United States, but they may attend school up until the twelfth grade. Houston immigration lawyer Mario Madrid and his associates can provide assistance to you and your family.

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