There are a wide variety of theft charges in Texas ranging from shoplifting to armed robbery. The state takes the overall value of the items that were stolen, along with the nature of the crime, and determines whether misdemeanor or felony charges are to be filed against the accused.Houston Theft Crime Lawyer

If you are facing theft charges, you’ll need a Houston criminal defense attorney experienced fighting theft allegations that’s dedicated to protecting you and ensuring your fair treatment in the court of law. At Madrid Law, we aggressively represent persons who have been accused of any kind of felony or misdemeanor theft offense, including:

Theft Crimes Are Serious Offenses

Penalties for a conviction of a Texas theft include jail time, probation, restitution and community service. The Houston theft defense attorneys at Madrid Law have extensive experience in representing clients charged with theft related crimes. We have proven defense strategies that can help you. When necessary, we are also very successful at negotiating lighter sentences including deferred prosecution and counseling in lieu of jail time.

Arrested For Theft in Houston?

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Whether you have been formally charged, or you believe that you are a suspect in any type of theft case, it is imperative to contact a highly trained Houston criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to begin planning a strategy for your defense.

We will scrutinize all of the state’s evidence against you for possible weaknesses. Information relevant to your intent to possess the property in question, consent for you to use it, or suspect identification issues may also be uncovered. The criminal defense lawyers at Madrid Law are experienced at exposing these weaknesses which often results in a dismissal or reduction of the charges against you.Madrid Law - Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

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If you believe that theft charges may soon be filed against you, or you currently have a charge pending, contact a Houston criminal defense attorney immediately to begin discussing your options. It is not necessary to wait for formal charges to be filed to begin protecting your rights. The Houston based theft defense attorneys at Madrid Law are committed to representing anyone who is accused of a theft crime. We are standing-by to hear your story and begin helping you reclaim your peace of mind.

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