Domestic Violence

A simple family argument can quickly escalate during volatile topics like finances, infidelity, or child custody. These disagreements can often evolve into serious domestic violence charges with harsh penalties. A domestic violence conviction can result in incarceration, probation, fines, and restrictions from contact with loved ones. You may also be prohibited from possession of a firearm. Any type of conviction will inevitably have a negative affect on your home life and employment as well.Domestic Violence Attorney in Houston

Texas Domestic Assault Defense

If you are facing Houston family violence charges, you need professional representation by a trained Houston domestic violence attorney. The criminal defense lawyers at Madrid Law have vast experience protecting the rights of persons who have been accused of domestic violence. While family violence is most commonly associated with incidents between people who are legally married, the State of Texas has elaborated on the definition of “family” to encompass several other kinds of relationships, including:

  • People related by blood or affinity
  • People who are currently, or formerly, married to each other
  • Parents of the same child, without regard to marital status
  • Foster parents/children
  • People who are dating
  • Any persons who have previously or currently share a home

Arrested For A Criminal Offense in Texas?

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It is normal police procedure to make an arrest in a family violence incident in order to protect the alleged victim. The criminal defense attorneys at Madrid Law understand that law enforcement will spend a very small amount of time investigating domestic violence allegations before making a decision to arrest and charge someone. The goal at Madrid Law is to protect your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly.

In cases of domestic violence, we have a variety of effective defense strategies at our disposal. Our team will meet with neighbors, friends and relatives, or other acquaintances which may help us understand your family dynamics and expose information provided by the complainant that may not be consistent. We often utilize medical experts and previous incidents to help demonstrate that any action that may have been taken on your part was in self defense.

Fighting Family Violence Charges in Texas

If we see that a conviction is inevitable, we can effectively negotiate with the prosecutor for you to receive a reduced sentence in exchange for counseling or anger management. The staff at Madrid Law has cultivated positive relationships throughout the Houston legal community which often benefits clients.Madrid Law - Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

When your way of life is at stake, you need a trained Houston domestic violence lawyer looking out for you. Call and talk with a criminal defense attorney at Madrid Law today to find out more about our services.

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