Pretrial Diversion In Houston

A common goal for anyone charged with a criminal offense is that the case is ultimately dismissed and removed from their record. One avenue to achieve this goal is through a Pretrial Diversion program.

A District Attorney’s Office is given the ability to administer a Pretrial Diversion Program through Texas Government Code Section 76.011 where it states that  the department may operate programs for the supervision and rehabilitation of persons in pretrial intervention programs. Programs may include testing for controlled substances. A person in a pretrial intervention program may be supervised for a period not to exceed two years.

The Pretrial Diversion program operates much like a community supervision or what is commonly referred to as Probation. The program consists of monthly visits with a community supervision officer, random drug urinalysis, possible drug treatment and other possible classes depending on the charge against the defendant.

After successful completion of the program the case is dismissed. Additionally, after the proscribed period for the offense, the case can be expunged.

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