The Consequences Are Serious

Clear Your Record

Being found guilty of a criminal offense is a serious situation with ramifications that can follow you for a lifetime. There are a number of good people around us who have lost opportunities that may have changed their lives for the better due to an existing, or recent, criminal offense appearing on their background record.

This is understandable.

However, its important to be open to the idea that the person that committed a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense when they were 18 years old aren’t necessarily the same person now, at the age of 30.

However, that same 30 year old may not be able to make positive advancements life, when the opportunity arises, due to a mistake 12 years earlier. This makes it important to be represented by a sharp criminal defense lawyer if you’ve been accused of a criminal offense in Houston, or know who to talk with in the event that you want to get old criminal records off your back.

Potential Consequences of a Criminal Record

There are a number consequences involved with having a criminal record with one facet of being that “many licensing and permit statutes authorize an agency to suspend or revoke a license or permit based on conviction of a felony”, including everything listed below and more.

  • Architects.
  • Private detectives, watchmen, guards, and patrol services.
  • Professions under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Health specifically including healing arts, medicine and surgery, osteopathy, chiropractic, natureopathy, podiatry, physical therapists, nursing, nurse’s aides, dentistry, optometry, opticians, psychologists, marital and family therapists, clinical social workers, professional counselors, veterinary medicine, massage therapists, dietician-nutritionists, acupuncturists, paramedics, embalmers and funeral directors, barbers, hairdressers and cosmeticians, and hypertrichologists.
  • Attorneys.
  • Judges, family support magistrates, workers’ compensation commissioners.
  • Radiographers and radiologic technologists.
  • Midwives.
  • Licensed: electricians; plumbers; heating, piping, and cooling contractors and journeymen; elevator contractors and craftsmen; solar contractors and journeymen; fire protection sprinkler contractors and journeymen; irrigation contrators and journeymen; sheet metal contractors and journeymen; and automotive and flat glass contractors and journeymen.
  • Major contractors.
  • Lead abatement consultants, contractors, and workers.
  • Public service gas technicians.
  • Certified public accountants.
  • Psychologists.
  • Individuals and businesses selling insurance.
  • Licensed social workers.
  • Athlete agents.

Licenses, Permits and Particular Criminal Offenses

Other licensing and permit statutes include provisions on suspension or revocation on conviction of certain crimes (such as those related to the profession, fraud, or extortion) or crimes of moral turpitude. These statutes include the following.

  • Consumer collection agencies (for actions of a partner, officer, director, or employee).
  • Real estate appraisers.
  • Occupational therapists.
  • Real estate brokers and salespersons.
  • Television and radio service dealers, electronics technicians, apprentice electronics technicians, and antenna technicians, radio electronics technicians.
  • Sanitarians.
  • Landscape architects.
  • Interior designers.
  • Hearing aid dealers.
  • Community association managers.
  • Pharmacy licensees.
  • Practitioners distributing, administering, or dispensing controlled substances.
  • New home construction contractors.
  • Physical Therapists and physical therapy assistants.

As you may gather from the information you’ve reviewed, there are a number of consequences involved with having a criminal background, and keep in mind, we didn’t list them all. There no good outcome to not legally fighting any criminal charges levied against you in Texas and you can be sure that Houston attorney Mario R. Madrid will be ready to help.

Houston Lawyer Mario Madrid Will Help You

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The Consequences Are Serious