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Criminal Defense

In the state of Texas, being charged with a crime related to heroin or cocaine will require that you have a competent criminal defense attorney in your corner if you ever want to see the light of day again, or have a fighting chance of beating the case in the court of law.

Its very possible to win a felony drug case in Harris County, but only lawyers of distinguished pedigree seem to have luck actually getting not guilty verdicts when possible.

Its not that inexperienced lawyers are bad people, or want to see their clients in jail, its just that either they are public defenders responsible for an ever increasingly insurmountable caseload, or are fresh out of law school, still wet behind the ears, and couldn’t find their way out of a paper briefing folder if they wandered into one.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you could be facing serious criminal penalties that can come down on you like a ton of bricks if you’re not represented by a Houston criminal lawyer with experience fighting allegations of the possession of dangerous drugs, and winning.

Even in cases that seemingly can’t be won, you know, those cases where the cops did everything right according to the Constitution of The United States, and found you in possession of a bag of hundreds of pounds of marijuana in your trunk, or with thousands of kilos of cocaine in your possession, having a criminal defense lawyer in Houston on your side, who has experience fighting drug charges, is the best way to respond to such a challenge and the best chance at winning in court.

You May Be Able To Stay Out Of Jail

Houston Criminal Law Attorney Mario Madrid
Attorney Mario Madrid

If you don’t have an extensive criminal history, or a record showing habitual criminal activity for the crime in which you were charged, there is the possibility that you can avoid jail time even when charged with a felonious offense in Houston, Texas.

Being able to avoid prison is often seen as a second chance mechanism to keep non-violent offenders out of the prison system. However, there will be consequences if you plead guilty to a felony in Houston. You may have to deal with a period of house-arrest, or a strict probationary term in the event that your lawyer has the know-how and ability to keep you out of jail for a felony offense in Houston.

If the case the DA has against you isn’t rock solid, or if the police violated your rights & didn’t take the proper steps in evidence collection as required by law, Houston criminal defense attorney Mario Madrid will likely be able to beat your case outright, or at bare minimum, have any and all unlawfully collected evidence thrown out of court and have you plead to lesser charges, if any, and consider the matter resolved to the best extent possible.

Even If You Have To Go To Prison

In some cases when a person is charged with a serious crime there’s seemingly no way to avoid the possibility of jail time. Having the police find you red-handed in possession of a large amount of narcotics, or in possession of a murder weapon alleged to have been used in a homicide you’ve been accused of committing, will make it difficult to gain a NOT GUILTY verdict from a Harris County jury, but not impossible.

Even if you are found guilty there’s no need to avoid the fight for lesser charges, a lower sentence, or for the elimination of certain criminal charges in the event that you’re facing prosecution on more than one offense.

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Always Seek Legal Representation In Texas