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Crystal Meth Facts: The Truth Behind Crystal Meth


Methamphetamine or “meth” is a central nervous system stimulant containing powerful addictive properties. The drug is sometimes prescribed in small quantities for medical conditions such as attention deficit disorder (ADD) or obesity. However, many individuals use it for recreational purposes and quickly become dependent on the effects of the drug.

Long-Term Effects of Meth

The most severe effects of long-term use of meth include addiction, which leads to more frequent use and larger doses as the body develops a tolerance to the drug over time. To achieve the same results, the abusers begin using different methods of administration combined with heavier loads. A prolonged use of meth results in molecular and functional changes in the brain that can lead to violent behaviors, delusions and psychosis. As the addiction progresses, a severe weight loss is noted along with confusion and anxiety.

The Popularity of Meth

Methamphetamine is known for its immediate euphoric and energizing effects. Due to its rising popularity within the past few decades, illegal meth labs that produce and sell large quantities of meth can be found all over the U.S. This profitable business is typically found in abandoned homes, old factories or other decrepit types of property. As the users become increasingly dependent on the drug, they seek out ways to support their habits and often contact meth labs for supplies. The most common indications of a meth lab include the following:

  • Strong, unusual odors
  • Covered windows
  • Frequent traffic during the night
  • Large amounts of trash including chemicals such as antifreeze


Possible Penalties for Running a Meth Lab

The recreational production of any drug, including meth, is against the law and can result in severe drug charges. The accused may be sentenced to 10 to 99 years of prison time and fees of up to $100,000. Each case heavily depends on the amount of drugs in possession and the evidence of the offender’s intentions to distribute and sell the drugs. In Texas, methamphetamine is categorized under the Penalty Group I and carries the most severe punishment options.

All drug possession convictions result in a suspension of a driver license for at least six months and may include the seizure of the car and other properties.

The Defense Options

It is imperative to contact the law firm immediately upon arrest to alleviate the possibility of self-incriminating. An aggressive criminal defense attorney will help the accused to understand both federal and state laws and prepare the case for the trial. Controlled substance charges require a well structured defense plan to protect the offender’s legal rights.

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