Teacher’s Aide Charged With Sex Case

A teacher’s aide at C.E. King High School has been charged with Sexual Assault of a Child according to this story in the Houston Chronicle. The teacher’s aide, who is 31 years old allegedly had sexual intercourse with a 15 year old student on three occasions in 2009.

The student told a school counselor that the teacher’s aide would pick her up from behind the school and take her to his apartment to smoke marijuana and have sex. Bail is set at $30,000.

The age of consent in Texas is 17 years old. Therefore, whether the student voluntarily had sex is not an issue, as she cannot consent under the law. Sexual Assault of a Child between the ages of 14-17 is a Second Degree Felony and punishable by 2-20 years in prison. Also, lifetime registration as a sex offender is required.

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